Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI for PC
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI for PC
KOEI has announced the release of Romance of the Three Kingdoms® XI for PC. It will be available to buy on September 5, 2008 in Europe.


PC Features
From legendary video game producer Kou Shibusawa comes his next historical simulation masterpiece! Rediscover an ancient civilization with an explosive history in this most stunning edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms to date. Set during the end of the Han Dynasty and the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D., RTK XI presents the most visually captivating evolution ever seen in the history of the series. Featuring an artistic style evocative of classical Chinese ink-paintings, and with debates and duels now rendered in real-time 3D animation, RTK XI pushes the boundaries and blurs the line between video games and art in this stunning recreation of the mood and feel of ancient China.

Players will need to dig deep within to prove themselves adept at both the military and political arts in order to bring China under one rule. Domestic affairs, diplomacy and warfare are all conducted on a single vast 3D relief map, dramatically bringing to life the epic scale of the adventure that lies before them.

As the ruler of a kingdom, each player will have complete control over their territories. More than 40 base commands give players the power to govern cities, manage their personnel, practice diplomacy, and much more. Complete freedom to develop markets, shipyards, outposts, forts and military units expand on the already substantial benchmarks established by previous editions of the series. Finally, players will watch the era come to life through the unique individual personalities of more than 800 officers and supporting characters that they will meet and interact with while engaged in one of RTK XI's eight gripping scenarios.

For improved control over each military campaign, RTK XI's turn-based game play allows the player to plan their movements without undue time constraints, and then execute their battle tactics when ready. RTK XI also introduces an entirely new system for researching military techniques, as well as an Advanced Tactics System that allows players to drive or lure enemies into devastating ambushes. Skilled players will be able to link together tactics for maximum damage.

System Checker
The KOEI SYSTEM VIEWER is a supporting tool that will check your Computer Spec. This allows you to check whether your computer is suitable to run this KOEI product.

In Case of Failure
Please check to see if the DirectX version you are running is version 9.0c or higher. If not please download the latest version from the link below.

System Requirements

Note: These are the System Requirements for the Full RTK XI game. HD space need for the demo is 800MB. No DVD-ROM is required to play the demo.

Minimum: Pentium®III 1GHz, Windows® XP/Vista PC with 256MB RAM, 2GB Hard Drive Space, 1024×768 High Color display, 32MB VRAM, DirectX 9.0c or higher, 3D accelerator Video Card, 16-bit stereo 44KHz, Sound Card, mouse and keyboard.

Recommended: Pentium®4 1.7GHz, Windows® XP/Vista PC with 512MB RAM, 2GB Hard Drive Space, 1024×768 High Color display, 64MB VRAM, DirectX 9.0c or higher, 3D accelerator Video Card, 16-bit stereo 44KHz, Sound Card, mouse and keyboard.

  • Required memory, hard disk, and VRAM capacities may vary depending on your operating system.
  • If you are unsure if DirectX is supported by the video card installed on your computer, please contact the video card’s manufacturer.
  • Laptops, compact models, and certain other systems may not have video cards that meet the product’s system requirements. Please contact your manufacturer for details.
  • Depending on your system or system usage, there may be requirements other than those listed above.
  • This product may not run correctly with emulation software, virtual or network drives.
  • You may require Administrator rights to alter system settings.

Tested Video Cards

The following video cards have been tested and found compatible with the product. For driver updates, please contact the manufacturer of your graphics card.

ATI Radeon™: X1950, X1600, X800, X700, X600, X550, X300, 9800, 9600, 9200, Mobility Radeon X600, Mobility Radeon 9700, Mobility Radeon 9600

NVIDIA GeForce™: 9600, 7900, 7600, 7300, 6800, 6600, 6200, FX 5900, FX 5700, FX 5600, FX 5500, FX 5200, 4 Ti 4600, 4 MX420, 3, 4 460Go, 4 420Go, FX Go5600, FX Go5200, Go6200

Intel®: i945G, i915G, i865G

The following resolutions can be selected for Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI: "1024x768", "1024x1280", "1152x864", "1200x1600", "1200x1920", "1280x768", "1280x1024", "1600x1200", "1920x1200"

The resolutions that can be selected will depend on your PC's specifications. Resolutions that cannot be selected from a Windows settings screen cannot be selected for the game. Resolution options can be viewed in Start-> Control Panel-> Display-> Settings. If you are using an NVIDIA video card, the resolution can be changed by going to NVIDIA Settings->Resolution.

Troubleshooting measures are ineffective with some hardware and software environments. If the following procedures do not fix the problem, please contact KOEI Customer Support. Any settings changes for hardware or peripherals or driver updates are the sole responsibility of the user.

Terms and operational procedures are based on standard Windows XP settings. If you are using Windows Vista, icon and button names may differ.

Trouble installing the game

  • If a virus checker or other resident applications are running, close these applications and try installing again.

The game runs slowly.

  • Confirm that the system requirements for this product are met. Please see the System Checker section for additional information.
  • You can set up your game environment by selecting [Settings]-> [Options] from the Main Menu. Depending on your settings, your computer may slow down.

Graphics and Video Card: There are graphical problems, such as animation issues, errors with dynamic shadows, freezing, etc.

  • This game contains 3D graphics. In order to use all functions effectively, you must have hardware acceleration that supports 3D graphics. Confirm with your hardware manufacturer whether your video card supports hardware graphics acceleration.
  • Please use our System Checker software to determine if your video card is compatible. Also refer to the section, Tested Video Cards for additional information
  • You may be using older video card drivers. Please contact your video card manufacturer and get the latest drivers for your card. If that doesn’t work, your hardware may be incompatible with the product.
  • Please see the list of compatible video cards to see if your video card is listed.
  • Another cause of freezing might be an error with your hard drive. There are several things you can do to check your hard drive, all of which can be accessed by double-clicking the “My Computer” icon, then right-clicking on your hard drive and selecting “Properties.” From here, you can use the Disk Cleanup, Error-checking, and Defragmentation options to diagnose or improve the performance of your hard drive.
  • You can improve the performance of the game by altering the graphics settings. From the game’s Main Menu, select “Settings,” and then select “Options”. For additional information, please refer to the game’s Instruction Manual

Audio, Movie Playback and Sound Card

  • First, you should see if updated drivers for your soundcard are available. Contact your sound card manufacturer to get the latest drivers. Also, you should make sure to update your chipset (motherboard) drivers if possible.
  • If that doesn’t help, you can try lowering the acceleration level of your sound card by changing the “Hardware Acceleration” option from “Full” to “None.” You can do this by accessing the following:

    Windows XP

    [Start] --> [Control Panel] --> [Sound, Speech, and Audio Devices] --> [Sound and Audio Devices] --> [Audio] tab --> [Advanced…] under [Sound playback] --> [Performance] tab

Contact Us

In order to accurately diagnose your problem, please send a "System Information.txt". Here is how to get this file:
1. Run The KOEI SYSTEM VIEWER and click [Save Information].
2. Save a file to your desktop. A file called "System Information.txt" is saved to your desktop.

Before contacting support, please refer to the game's manual or the instructions above. Most of the problems you may encounter are covered. However, if you have a problem that is not addressed, you can email us at


Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI for PC
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI for PC
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